What a view!

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Description: What a view! is all Jimmy and I could say during this recent hiking trip you are about to view part of. The part you will view is not the exhausting, grueling or dangerous part of our hike, but actually the fun and exciting part of it. Anyone who goes to Las Vegas should take a day trip out to see Lake Mead. This picturesque place is one filled with hikes and fun. As with any great open space, it is what you make it, and in this case, Jimmy and I made it orgasmic, not to mention for the other hikers around, voyeuristic! You can see we were caught by several voyeurs in the video (keep a keen lookout in the distance hills for the heads popping up to capture some of our naughtiness) and even had a Park Ranger walk up after to let us know that we really shouldn't be doing that kind of stuff out in the open where anyone could walk up on us (notice he said "we shouldn't"), he then told us of a few more secluded spots for next time. Talk about cool! We didn't need to go to those secluded spots this time, as you will see, we were pretty much done, except for me wiping the large cum load off my tits. I hope you enjoy the awesome view you are about to see!

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