Public naughtiness at Xmas time!

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Description: In this video you are about to watch, you will see me being very naughty at Christmas time by flashing a little in public! I love this time of the year, not just because I get lots of presents from my husband Jimmy, friends, and even some members of the site, but also because I get to give gifts that bring happiness to others. In this video you will see me being very naughty as I prepare a gift for one of my longtime members. But first, let me tell you about the beginning part of the video in which I go to the mall and do a lot of flashing. I noticed this male store attendant a couple days ago when I first dragged Jimmy shopping with me to the mall. I had even flashed him a few times that first time in hopes that I would get him to give me his number for some spontaneous sexual fun. Unfortunately the store had gotten very busy with the holiday rush and I wasn't able to succeed. If any one who knows me will tell you, if I don't first succeed, I will always try again until I do! This time however, Jimmy brought his video camera to try to get me to do some naughty flashing while shopping. As you will soon see, he needs to learn how to capture me flashing while doing his best at concealing the camera from others. Anyway, you will see that when I entered the clothing store, the hot male store attendant was catering to me as much as he could. I think he even smiled as I entered, probably remembering the naughty girl I was previously. I tried on a few dresses I picked out, and then I tried on several dresses the guys picked out. Needless to say the ones the guys picked out were either very short showing my ass, or very sheer showing everything. I even bent over to show the guys my bare, non-panty bottom, in which fueled the fire. Towards the end I even flat out lifted the sheer dress up to show off my bare pussy, of which at the time several other guys were present to view me being naughty. I then purchased a few of the dresses, a few panties and YES, I got his number this time! He told me he would call after the holidays to make plans for some erotic fun.

When Jimmy and I returned to the truck, I had to prepare a package to send out to a member who had sent me a very nice gift (you know who you are, so I won't say your name). He had requested a pair of my panties, but he wanted me to rub some of my pussy juices over them before sending them to him. I did one better; he loves my public naughtiness, so I decided to have some solo fun in the back seat, make myself orgasm, rub as much of my flowing juices on them, put them in the preaddressed package, and then find a post office to mail them out so that he would have them by Christmas. Wow that was a long description ;) Anyway, if you forgive Jimmy for his shaky camera work, I think you may like this type of video if you are into the public flashing stuff… I know I do! Merry Christmas everyone, and a Happy New Year Too!
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