BBC cums when hubby leaves

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Description: Wow, so I have to share my naughty adventure with you on this one. Hubby actually went away on a business trip for about 5 days and left me home alone. Umm..yeah...big mistake right there. He knows not to leave a horny slut wife at home all alone and expect her to be miss goodie two shoes. So anyway, after I dropped hubby off at the airport, I immediately called up one of my boy-toys Jon Jon to see if he had anything planned for the next five days. He was so excited that he packed his suitcase and came right over, expecting to fill in Jimmy's shoes for the time being.

It was so erotic and naughty that Jimmy didn't know that I called him up and that he would be staying at our house for the time being. So once Jon Jon was over, I decided to make a tape for Jimmy while he was gone. What you see in this video is the beginning of my erotic adventure that very night while Jimmy was airborne flying out east. The first night I started out with giving Jon Jon an incredible blowjob, showing him just how much I love his BBC. I know Jimmy simply loves my blowjobs, so I knew he would be jealous that my mouth wasn't on his cock. Furthermore, ummm...Jimmy didn't know anything about other guys being over the house too. Oh well, that's what happens when you leave your horny slut wife at home and she wants to play. Next week I will post another video of how my naughty Home Alone week ended, so be sure to watch that when I get it posted.

Barbi Sinclair

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Jon Jon

Age: 41
Body: N/A
Height: 6'3
Hair: Black
Weight: 160
Eyes: Brown
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