Nick holds out for more

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Description: The title of this video might need some explaining, so here goes: Nick, Carli, Jimmy & Myself went to a dance club earlier in the evening. Carli and I had worn very short skirts with fitted tops to tease the guys as much as we could; we also neglected to wear panties to make it that much easier to do so! After much flirtation and flashing on the dance floor we decided that since I couldn't get Nick to cum in the dance club (a little bet that Carli and myself had made earlier in the night), that we would all carry on the party back at our condo! Once back at the condo, the flirtation got really hot, I had Nick so close to cumming in my mouth, that he had to pull me off! Not that he didn't want to cum, but that he really wanted to fuck my pussy! Now watch as the husband of my best friend fucks my pussy and then cums all over me! I have to say it is pretty hot fucking your best friend's husband as she's watching and encouraging it!!


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