Peeping hubby gets eyeful

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Description: I had never intended on Jimmy ever filming this sexual adventure you are about to see, nor did I ever think I would be putting it up on my website. But nonetheless, you are about to view another sexual encounter with my hot landscaper and I. You see, my landscaper had called me unexpectedly to see if I was going to be around for a quickie. I had already changed into my hot clubbing outfit waiting for Jimmy to get changed so that we could go out, but I decided I could still have my naughty fun off camera, or at least I thought. When Jimmy became aware of my naughty plans, he became persistent about filming me even when I told him he couldn't. I was so stuck in a situation where I couldn't convince Jimmy not to videotape my naughtiness before the landscaper showed up.

Jimmy often asks to hide in closets to get a view of me being with another lover, but my landscaper is a very muscular guy and I didn't want any harm coming to Jimmy if he would be discovered. I had told my landscaper on the phone to use the backslider door where I had another bedroom I use for guests and family who stay with us when visiting. This spare bedroom has its own bathroom, which gave my husband Jimmy the perfect view and hiding space. When the landscaper asked where my husband Jimmy was, and why we were to meet in this bedroom opposed to the master bedroom, I simply told him that my husband was upstairs catching a nap before we went out for the night. The landscaper believed me, and we progressed to our normal sexual rendezvous as Jimmy peeped through the bathroom door filming us. It was a secret I had to keep from the landscaper, and nonetheless, our sexual experience was so unbelievably heightened as I had also learned that his girlfriend left him because she had found out about us.

Needless to say, after my landscaper left, I made it clear to Jimmy that he couldn't have my pussy that night as it was my way of getting back at him. Oh-yeah, as for the posting of this video… well after the landscaper left, he called me to let me know he had a blast, and also to tell me to tell Jimmy to come out of the bathroom. It turned out that the landscaper knew Jimmy was in there because of the red light on the bottom of the camera (Jimmy forgot to cover the red light that lets you know it is taping). The landscaper was cool and even suggested I post it on the website for him to be able to view from time to time! It also turned out that he was only trying to get Jimmy upset enough to come out of the closet by asking me to leave Jimmy for him, due to him needing a new girlfriend… I love a man with a sense of humor ;)

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