Catch of the Day

  • Duration: 17:54
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Description: It was an extremely gorgeous sunny day and I couldn't help but be extremely naughty on a semi-secluded beach. As Jimmy debated whether or not to go into the water, I called out to him asking him if he wanted a blowjob. What man could refuse! I had craved to be naughty and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to give him one messy blowjob. It didn't take Jimmy long to get into position to offer me his hard cock. I started sucking his cock while playing with his balls as I laid on a towel in just my bikini bottom, tits fully exposed to nearby fishermen and beach goers. I think Jimmy liked the idea of me being partially exposed and performing a sex act in public, because it didn't take him very long to start cumming. Once Jimmy exploded in my mouth, I couldn't help but to lick and swallow as much cum as possible, but unfortunately some if it had dribbled down my chin and down his cock. To our misfortune, the camera battery had died, but Jimmy still couldn't help but pull down my bikini bottoms and eat out my pussy as the fishermen continued to watch. I had a really good and wet orgasm. After we cleaned ourselves up, my naughty day hadn't ended yet, I flashed all over the island. Later in the day I also gave Jimmy his second blowjob as I had promised him earlier, but this time I performed it naked with even more on-lookers!
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