Traveling with 13 BBC"

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Description: The weekend was progressing pretty uneventful until I got a call from Shawnny (you remember him, the young black guy with the biggest cock I've ever seen) asking if Jimmy and I would like to go with him to a football party at his friend's house. I quickly accepted his invite, not that I was into watching a football game with a bunch of rowdy college guys, but because I wanted another chance to get his enormous cock inside me. After I had accepted his invite, Shawnny also volunteered to drive both Jimmy and I to the party. This offer I accepted without any hesitation as I knew by Shawnny driving us to the party, it would give me not one (in the car ride there), not two (at the party), but at least three (in the car ride home and once we arrived back home, an offer to cum inside for a drink... wink...wink...wink) different occasions to seduce him into giving me that nice thirteen inch cock of his. When I got off the phone to get ready for the party, I thought back and wondered if I probably should have asked Jimmy if he wanted to go before I accepted Shawnny's party invite, but I knew Jimmy wasn't doing much around the condo, and he loves football, so I knew it would be OK with him. If not, I would explain to him that I was going to seduce Shawnny into a repeat performance, and that would for sure entice Jimmy into going.

When Shawnny arrived at our place, he explained we didn't have much time, so I jumped into the front seat and Jimmy got in the backseat. I did this on purpose, as normally Jimmy would have gotten in the front, but I knew that if I seduced Shawnny long enough while driving to the party, that I would stand a great chance of getting my wish granted. Now watch as I make a boring ride to a party more exciting by grabbing hold of Shawnny's Cock. Did I mention that his cock is 13" long? My poor husband Jimmy was in the back seat and was a bit jealous at what I was doing to Shawnny. I would have given my husband's cock some attention too, but I only have two hands, and I needed both of them to stroke Shawnny's Mammoth Cock! Sorry Hunny!!


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