Bathtime for two ends wet

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Description: I always find water to be soothing, relaxing, and the wet composition makes my body feel fluid-like especially when I am submerged in it in a bathtub. Jimmy and I had recently gone away and after a late night dinner and feeling exhausted, I decided to take a relaxing bath. Jimmy however, was horny and decided to set up a hidden camera and make things erotic for his own personal use, or so I was led to believe after he told me about the camera, which wasn't until after we had already engaged into some hardcore fun. You see, there was this very cool piece of glass that separated the bathroom from the rest of the bedroom, normally it was just an ordinary glass window, but when you flipped the switch to turn it on, it became a one-way mirror in the bathroom that allowed anyone outside of the bathroom to view me in the bathtub, but not from my end, as when this cool one-way mirror was turned on, there was only a mirror visible to me. I have never seen a piece of glass do this sort of thing, but after seeing this, I told Jimmy we needed something like that in our new house (think about the naughty fun Jimmy could have being a voyeur as I get fucked by some new guy(s)).

So anyway, Jimmy decided to join me in the bathtub with the video camera placed on the other side of the mirror, as to be unknown to me (why he did this I still don't know, as he knows damn well I have no problems with him video taping our sexual adventures). To start off Jimmy gave me a very nice shoulder rub, which became more intimate by every passing minute. With his hands rubbing my entire body, I became so horny I just had to beg him into playing with my clit to make me reach orgasmic state of ecstasy. Finally with my pussy so wet from him playing with me and making me orgasm, I let Jimmy have his way with me and fuck me right there in the bathtub until he came. With a climactic finish to this video being a very drenched pussy creampie. I think all of you will see I left the bath wetter than entering it. Enjoy!

Jimmy Sinclair

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