Hunny, yours is too small!

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Description: You members might like this one a little more than Jimmy. You see, I have been lucky enough to have a boy toy with a significantly larger cock than my Husband Jimmy's, so I have been rewarding my boy toy with my pussy and neglecting Jimmy from having it. To add to not letting Jimmy use my pussy, I have also been making him sleep in the bedroom alone when it comes to Friday nights. This is when my Boy Toy is able to sleep over, or should I say cum over. I so look forward to these Friday nights when I get to be used by my new Boy Toy and know that my loving Husband is on the other side of the closed door. To add to the sexual pleasure of being with my Boy Toy, I also get a sexual turn-on knowing that my Husband is listening in on the noises that my lover and I are making, whether it be from the bed rocking from the action of me being fucked by a 13' cock or me being vocal with my orgasms. It also turns me on to know that my husband Jimmy fully understands my thirst for not only younger, but more endowed cock as it makes me feel not only younger myself, but the greater size in cock hits spots inside me that his significantly smaller cock just can't reach.

Now that I have explained the above arrangement Jimmy and I have, I can tell you more about this particular video. This video is one we decided to make when My Boy Toy, Jimmy, and I all went out to dinner together. We thought it would make for an awesome video if I gave both of them the same exact sexual pleasure and we could cut back and forth from one guy to the other. The only thing is, I had other plans of getting Jimmy to agree to letting my Boy Toy sleep over the entire weekend (usually he can only sleep over on Fridays as that is when his Girlfriend goes out with her friends and he supposedly goes out with his. But this up coming weekend she was going on a trip with her family and he was making excuses to have to stay home... with me that is...hehe). I so wanted my Boy Toy to sleep over both nights that while I had Jimmy at his most vulnerable (cock in my hand hard as a rock), I decided to make him beg for me to finish, so I bargained for just what I wanted... two nights of pure ecstasy with a very large BBC!! Now that I have gone on and on, please hit the video button to watch me get my way, not to mention used by my Boy Toy as my Husband watches.

Jimmy Sinclair

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