Shawnny's brother a virgin!

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Description: It started off as any other day... bla, bla, bla... I know you don't care to hear about the boring day I was having so I won't bore you with the details. I will however tell you that when I got the call from Shawnny (my latest boy toy) my day definitely turned around from boring to very adventurous, sexually adventurous that is! I talked to Shawnny for only ten minutes, but it was long enough for him to tell me he was coming over soon, and that he wanted me dressed in something very sexy. He also asked if my Husband Jim was going to be present. I told him Jimmy was getting home soon from work and that he would in fact probably be there before him. I told him if he wanted me to tell Jimmy not to come home anytime soon, that all I would have to do is call him (Shawnny knows that Jimmy would let me have one-on-one time with my boy toy if asked). Shawnny then told me he actually wanted Jimmy there to video tape the action, he then added I should be thinking younger as he would have a surprise for me when he arrived. As you will see in the video, Shawnny and I had a mix up in our communications. You see, he told me to think young, so I dressed up in a naughty schoolgirl outfit thinking that was what he had in mind. I never would have thought he was actually bringing his younger brother, who just turned 18 a month ago, over to lose his virginity. Shawnny knows I have a thing for young guys and when he ever found out his brother was still a virgin, well he knew I would find that even more erotic. Shawnny wanted Jimmy present to video tape his younger brother losing his virginity, thinking that his brother would want to not only lose his virginity to me, but have a keepsake of the adventure as well.

When I started to tease Shawnny's Younger Brother, I kind of forgot that this young man was in fact a virgin and would be unable to control his manhood like a more experienced man could. I only gave him a blowjob for about five minutes when I started to feel his hot wet cum dripping down my hands. He never even had a chance to lose his virginity in the short time it took for me to make him cum. Don't you worry though, this experienced SLUT knows how to make a man cum and then get hard enough again to use his cock to satisfy my inner sexual desires, not to mention his own! This naughty adventure has to be in two parts as you will soon find out, I was a little too much for the young virgin to handle, but I'm sure none of you will complain as I try to take Shawnny's Brother's virginity... hehe!


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