Barb steals another husband

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Description: When you watch this video, keep in mind that this is another woman's husband that is fucking me! To make the situation even hotter, keep in mind that his wife is passed out in the same room. You see, we all went to a party earlier in the evening and she drank too much, resulting in her passing out as soon as she hit the bed. We did, however, have a blast at the party and when we returned back to our hotel room we all had plans to continue the fun in a more sexual way. I had even thought to myself that I would let Jimmy fuck another woman for the first time in our relationship; after all, he is always letting me be the slut I so desire to be. I know he loves to watch me be the naughty slut, but I know he also would like to adventure into something new for once. As luck would have it though, with her passing out, I was one girl with two very horny guys. It doesn't take a NASA scientist to figure out I was in for one hell of a threesome! Don't worry though, as I was getting the fucking I so wanted, his wife did wake up and after I was fucked by her husband, she made sure she was fucked by mine! Jimmy wanted me to post that video on here as well, but I told him this is my site, not his, haha...

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