Ultimate cuckold tease

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Description: A lot of members have emailed me in the past to show a video where I get ready for my slut dates with my boy-toys and lucky hot studs, so I decided to do just that and post one of Jimmy's personal videos of me getting ready for a hot date. I will be up front and tell you that this video is a teaser and that it may not satisfy the hardcore viewer, but what you will see is me taking a shower, putting makeup on , getting dressed into one of my shortest black mini-dresses, and finally heading out the door to head off to my hot stud for a night filled with slutty, naughty, and orgasm filled moments.

First I tease my husband as I let him watch me shave my legs and wash my body clean for my new hot stud to enjoy the smooth and sensual touch of my wanting body. Then I wash my long blonde hair so that my date can run his fingers through it and even pull on it as he fucks me from behind. After I towel dry myself I apply the first part of my makeup while naked, before putting on my naughty short Black mini-dress. After I get myself dressed and get into my new black high heels, which finish off my slut look by making my legs look their longest, I apply the finishing touches of my make-up and tease Jimmy by showing him I once again head out to experience some naughty times without him or panties.<p> I give my Husband one last glance over me as I tease him as I walk towards the door that will begin my naughty slut wife evening with some totally hot stud. I close the door behind me as my mini-dress rides up already showing off the bottom of my ass just by the movement of walking. My husband is now on the other side of the closed door, as I walk down the hall way to meet up with the stud that is by night's end going to give me an overwhelming six orgasms, I in return give him four orgasms before returning home to my waiting husband who waits to use his naughty slut wife's used pussy. I then lay down on the bed and just open my tired legs and let him use me as I just lay there, tired from being a slut earlier and knowing that my husband needs to use my used pussy as a way of letting me thank him for allowing me to be the naughty slut that I so need to be. My husband only needs to use my used pussy for two minutes before he cums from the sheer pleasure of knowing my stretched out pussy was used by another guy earlier. I then tell him, I love him and we fall asleep in each others arms.
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