Getting a facial after cuckold talk

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Description: Well as many of you already know, Jimmy is never without his camera nearby. But before I get into telling you about this video, let me just say: Jimmy used a fisheye-lens that made my ass and legs look four times the size they really are! You see, Jimmy decided to use his fisheye lens to try and capture more of the scene in the small bathroom, which gives the illusion that my ass is greater in size than it already is (thanks for helping me with my self-esteem hunny, you know I don't like my ass. Now I need to call my trainer and complain some more).

Sorry about that, I know that you don't care to hear about my self-esteem issues, so let me get back to explaining the video. I hope you all enjoy watching as Jimmy video tapes me taking a bubble bath while I get ready for a Very Naughty Slutwife Date. I start by shaving my legs, then after some teasing, I get myself off with some help from Jimmy (talk about some good multi-tasking, he never even puts the camera down as he helps by lending me a hand... or should I have said a finger... hehe).

Anyway, seeing how much I teased Jimmy, I needed to release the sexual tension he had, so I got on my knees, and continued to suck his cock until he gave me my very own spa like facial with his cum... talk about hot! I never thought this video would ever be seen by anyone other than Jimmy, but my dear husband thought that it would be cool to show me getting ready for one of my naughty slutwife dates, including me shaving my legs and trimming up my runway stripe.
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