Sorry Jimmy... can you leave the room?

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Description: As you will soon see, this video starts off with just Jimmy receiving some oral attention by yours truly. Last week's video was the cause of the first part of this video, due to my husband Jimmy getting very excited by watching his slut wife in action with some guy she picked up at the pool while he was at work. Anyway, getting back to this video, after Jimmy reached an orgasm, we were both very hungry so we headed out to dinner at one of the restaurants located inside the casino where we were staying. At dinner I flirted as I usually do but nothing aspired from it, so after we went back up to our hotel room, we quickly changed into some evening wear and headed down to the dance club, again located inside the very hotel we were staying at.

This made it very handy to flirt and pick someone up to have some erotic fun back at the hotel room. No time wasted with travel, and as a matter of fact it made it easy to continue what had started inside the club when we walked back to the room. I know that a few security guards that have the job of watching the video surveillance inside the elevators got quite the view, as my tits were fully exposed once inside the elevator. Once inside our hotel room, the action heats up pretty quickly, as you will see by watching the video. The funny thing about this guy was the fact that the only reason I even got to have some naughty fun with him is the shear fact that he had a fight with his wife and left their room angry. Oh well, her loss was my orgasm... hehe! At one point, James (the guy who I picked up) started to get a bit weirded out by my husband filming the sexual adventure, so he asked me in my eye, as he was fucking me, if I could have my husband leave the room so he could enjoy fucking me in private. As soon as he asked me, I asked Jimmy if he would mind leaving the room in order to give us some private naughty time.

I didn't realize Jimmy before leaving the room had turned off the camera. When James actually pointed the fact out that the camera was not on, I made a dash to turn it back on, not wanting to miss the opportunity to film the action for my husband Jimmy, not to mention you members to view later. I know that the filming sucked on this one, but please keep in mind that James did not want his face shown for obvious reasons, and that this was one of my more private moments that really wasn't to be posted on the net for anyone other than my husband and I to watch. ENJOY!
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