Poprocks and cum

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Description: A little flashback to when I was in high school and college: I used to give my boyfriends blowjobs while my mouth was immersed with fizzling and sizzling pop rocks candy! Oh did their cock love the feeling of it. Well, Jimmy and I had stumbled upon pop rocks candy in a store and I bought them to give him the most exploding blowjob feeling he had ever experienced. So I told Jimmy I would only give him a blowjob and that my pussy was off limits because I was saving it for new cock that night. Unfortunately, my plan backfired when I told him that I had cock earlier without his knowledge and that I forgot to tell him, but meant to. Consequently, Jimmy had to feel my pussy for himself to see if it was actually loose from having gotten fucked. Low and behold, it was! Jimmy couldn't resist but fuck me until he was ready to cum. When he did, he quickly pulled out and came in my mouth. His cum tasted so good mixed with the pop rocks that I had to add more pop rocks in my mouth. What a great combination!

Jimmy Sinclair

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