Austin, another satisfied member!

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Description: I have to proudly admit that I satisfied yet another member! When Austin had sent in his photo of his hard sexy body with some well-defined abs, I could have literally melt right then and there. I am such a sucker for a good-looking guy with a well-defined body who knows how to use his cock. Along with his photo Austin had a written request of me wearing a naughty schoolgirl outfit that didn't look like the typical red plaid skirt with a white top. I had just the perfect outfit for him! When Austin finally arrived and rang the doorbell, I was immediately smitten with horniness. I couldn't wait to engage in some hardcore action with him. When we finally got down to it, he fucked me for a while in various positions, giving me not just one, but two orgasms! When Austin finally came hard deep inside my wet twice-orgasmed pussy wearing a condom, I had just the erotic urge to take that condom and squeeze out all his cum right onto my tits. Austin enjoyed fucking a true slut that knew how to provide excellent customer service for her member. My customer service motto should be "Yes, what may I do for you?"

Lucky Guy

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