Caught getting some in the park

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Description: Since the weather finally started to get warmer I decided it was time to once again visit the park to do some flashing. I put on one of my new skirts that I had purchased at the end of last year. I remember thinking when I bought it that it would be perfect to wear out and do some flashing in. Needless to say it's very short and barely covers my ass. When I was ready to head to the park, Jimmy asked where I was going dressed as I was. I told him I was going to the park and that he should grab the camera if he wanted to have some fun. Little did he know that in about an hour's time he would be sticking his cock into my soaking wet pussy.

I knew that wearing the short skirt and sports bra that I did, that I would be showing off to as many men that I would come into contact with, making me very wet and horny. I had so much fun flashing that when Jimmy found a secluded spot, or so we thought, I pulled up my skirt and sports bra to expose myself fully to Jimmy, wanting him to ever so badly take that cock of his and put it inside me. He wanted me to start by sucking his cock right there in the park. After getting him to the near point of cumming, I stopped and begged him to fuck me right there in broad daylight where anyone could see. <p>Jimmy took me from behind and made sure I was exposing myself plenty for anyone to see as he satisfied my sexual craving for cock. When Jimmy was about to cum, I turned around to have him cum onto my tits. Boy did he cum a lot, I had cum all over me. Finally when Jimmy was done cumming, he looked over and noticed a couple watching us. We were BUSTED!!!! When I was trying to get dressed the guy ended up coming over to us and said he enjoyed the show, but that his wife wanted him to tell us to get a room for that kind of activity. I guess you can't please everyone, right?

Jimmy Sinclair

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