BBC rewarded for great customer service

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Description: First of all, Jimmy ranked on me about this video with my pudge. We had just eaten a large dinner meal right before Dante came over, and I'm just one of those girls, with my low percent body fat, that looks pregnant right after eating a meal. (he-he) So yes, I was laughing at my pudge too with Jimmy when I saw the video for myself.

So anyway, going on, my shopping experience in the men's store with Karen led to flirting with one of the sales guys, Dante. I couldn't resist but to have him help me purchase a suit for Jimmy and get alterations done immediately. Well, it turned out that Dante was the man making home deliveries, so when he had called to say that he would be dropping off the suit for Jimmy, I had to put on something sexy for him. Little did he know Jimmy was going to have the camera ready and I would be greeting him in a fitted tube dress. He was so cool with having some naughty fun with me on camera, and I was so looking forward to having his BBC!

Well, after getting a nice orgasm, sucking his cock while getting my head pushed down against his hard dick, getting my pussy fucked, and finally making Dante cum with a thick load, I wasn't quite done yet. Jimmy couldn't resist my wet pink stretched pussy either, so he had to have a piece of it too. Dante sure knows how to give great customer service and I hope he enjoyed his reward for just that!

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