A ride for a ride

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Description: I was having a great week until I had a flat tire on a deserted highway. I have never been a mechanically inclined person, so to say I could change a flat tire would be a real stretch of the imagination. I tried to wave down cars, but it seems that even though it is a holiday time of the year, no one has the generosity to stop and help out a woman in distress. What is happening to the world, that when a sexy woman is practically flashing everything she has, no man would stop to offer her help!

Well after about what seemed like two hours finally a young man stopped to help me. His name was Vincent and boy did he have a great looking body. I thought to myself that when he was done changing my tire, I would have to thank him by seducing him back to my place. Well, to make things worse, my spare tire was even flat. Vincent informed me that the spare tire was an inflatable one and that the canister with air was empty. Why does a car company give you a spare tire that is flat? Vincent then asked me if I needed a lift somewhere. I told him that I lived about twenty minutes away but would offer him some money to bring me home. He put the spare tire into the back of his car and told me all I would need to do is bring the tire to the gas station and fill it with air. When we arrived at my place I offered him to come in for a while so I could thank him. Vincent accepted my offer and inside we went.

Once inside I seduced him and gave him a blow job to thank him for stopping to help me. I later told him about my website which he thought was the coolest thing. After he came in my mouth, He offered to help me get my car back. We went to the gas station, he filled the tire with air, and then drove back to my car were he put the spare tire on. I told him my husband was probably home by now but that I wanted to thank him again properly. I asked Vincent if he would mind if my husband took pictures and video of him fucking me as I really wanted to thank him by giving him my body. Well as you can see, he had no problem with any of it! PS. If you ever see anyone stranded on the side of the highway, see if they need any help, you never know what may cum out of it!

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