I pay twice for losing one bet

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Description: I swear I will never be involved in any bet again. I truly perceived potential in winning this bet against Jimmy and my friend Shaundam, so that is why I got myself involved in the bet in the first place. What you are about to see in this video is an unhappy maid having to clean and kiss ass. You see, I'm all about men kissing my ass and bending over backwards for me, but this wasn't the case. And yes, the maid outfit is part of me losing the bet. At the beginning, I didn't enjoy being told what to do, as besides, I had other and better things to do than vacuum while two men sat on their asses. However, things slowly started looking better when I had pulled out Shaundam's cock, upon the request of my demanding husband Jimmy to fulfill his orders. Upon site of his hard cock, my pussy juices began to flow and I started to get really turned on. Shaundam orderd me to handle his cock in various ways with my mouth and hands until it was time for me to sit on it. Once my pussy wrapped around his BBC, I creamed so good all over it that my juices started to drip down his fat cock. After my pussy got some good pounding, and the moment he was about to cum as he pulled out, I started cumming and was forced to endure my orgasm without his BBC in my pussy.<p> Shaundam was through with me after that then it was Jimmy's turn to use his slut wife whose pussy had been stretched really well. It didn’t' take long for Jimmy to cum, as having watched me cream all over Shaundam's cock was enough of a visual to get him to that point. In the end, even though I had to pay twice for losing the bet, I felt like I had won anyway because I'm the one who enjoyed getting fucked my two cocks. Who knows, maybe I will bet again in the future ;)
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