Electrifying barbi

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Description: his is another attempt of me trying to do a glamour set to equal the one I did as a punk rocker with the guitar. Ever since I did that one, I have been trying to find a similar backdrop with that metal sort of look. Recently, when Jimmy and I were in an arts & crafts store, I saw this fabric and it reminded me of that punk rocker backdrop. It looked even cooler than the one used before so we decided to purchase the entire roll of fabric. <p>It turned out to be a little more than we needed to use as a backdrop, so as you can see, I decided to cover myself in it. Jimmy said as he took the photos, inside our home make shift studio, that every time the flash lights would go off it looked as if I was being electrocuted. It did look pretty cool, not to mention that as I stripped from my metal looking bikini top and short skirt, the feeling of the material on my naked body sent goose-bumps down my body. I did enjoy an orgasm as Jimmy snapped away with his camera and after he put the camera down, he too was treated to an orgasm as I laid on the shiny fabric to allow him access to my wet pussy. Which reminds me that before we ever use that fabric again, I need to clean off the cum marks left by Jimmy and I. The name of this photo set may say \"Electrifying Barbi\", but believe me when I say I was in no way harmed in the making of this photo set, in fact, the only electrifying feeling I had was in my pussy as the sexual tension started to build up!
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