Thanking mitch

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Description: As you might recall, Mitch was a guy who I don't remember if I picked him up or he picked me up, but either way I had one naughty adventure with him after a strenuous work out at the gym. Anyway, after that first time with Mitch, we made plans to get together to discuss his comeback in the porn industry (if you remember the last time I wrote about my adventure with Mitch at the gym, Mitch had been in the porn industry a while back and was actually thinking about getting back into it after running into me). I met Mitch at his house and he showed me a way to get more traffic to my site, something I have not done a great job at in the past.<p>Jimmy and I make extra money by running the website (which allows us to travel to naughty locations for fun as well as allowing me to shop for naughty toys for the bedroom), but it is no where near being able to support me being able to quit my day job (something I thought would have been accomplished by now, but with the economy the way it is, and not really knowing how to get web traffic to my naughty website, seems to be something of a fantasy than reality) so when Mitch offered to help me understand the way other webmasters get traffic to their websites, I took his offer without hesitation. The mini dress I have on is actually what I wore to my \"day job\" earlier in the day, and yes I had no panties on.<p>I didn't realize until Jimmy started taking pictures of us, that I was being subconsciously naughty by showing off my pantyless pussy. It was at that point I decided to thank Mitch orally, which was his decision, as I offered to go upstairs to his bedroom for some real fun, but he wanted one of my signature blowjobs instead (he later told me that he was to meet up with his girlfriend later that night and didn't want her smelling another woman's sweet nectar on his cock). As you will see in the photos, I sucked his hard cock until I made him explode all over my mouth and neck. I swallowed as much as I could and even cleaned him off, making sure to get every last drop of cum, which was very sweet tasting due to his diet of protein shakes, Yum-Yum!
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