Playing easter bunny

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Description: I got the idea for this photo set when I was shopping with Karen at one of the department stores (yes, we shop a lot!). They had the store totally decorated for the Easter Holiday and had tons of Easter candy including the most famous of all, the \"PeePs\" (you know the marshmallow candy with sprinkled sugar on top) so I just had to buy some.<p>They also had several Easter costume items for sale that included this set of bunny ears I thought were so cute I just had to buy them to show Jimmy. I always like dressing up in Bunny outfits (except those are usually at the Playboy Mansion's Parties, not at home in front of a canvas backdrop). Anyway, when I got home from shopping I showed Jimmy the bunny ears, and as I expected, he made a joke and asked me where my carrots were. He then added that I should have bought the cotton bunny tail along with the ears to complete the outfit. I later explained to him why I purchased them in the first place which was to do a photo set for the Easter Holiday. Jimmy then told me to go fetch his camera and he would take some photos to post on the site, I in turn told him to go fetch his own camera as I was a Bunny and not his dog! I then told him jokingly to go fetch his own camera... he-he! I know these aren't hardcore, but I do hope you enjoy them just as much :)
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