A virgin no more!

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Description: This video is the second part of the video entitled: "Shawnny's Brother A Virgin". This time watch as Shawnny's Brother (Jerry) actually loses his Virginity to me! You know I love to spread my legs for BBC, and this time was special in the fact that my pussy was being used by someone that had never experienced being inside one before, talk about hot... I'm getting wet and excited just thinking about it!

As you may remember, Jerry couldn't hold off cumming in my hands as I teased him prior to getting him into the bedroom for the real fun. Being the age and the fact that he was really excited to be losing his virginity to me, it didn't take very long for him to recharge. I must also add the fact that Jerry's cock never went soft as I continued to hold it in my hands after he came. Once I thought he had enough time to recharge, I knew that when his cock started to pulse again in my hands, I again started to suck on his large cock. After a few minutes of this, I decided it was time for me to get him into the bedroom where I could have my real fun of getting this virgin cock inside me.<p> I took Jerry by the hand and walked him into the bedroom, this was so erotic, knowing I was escorting a young man into the world of the most ultimate pleasure: ECSTASY! Jerry was in a bit of a hurry to get his cock deep inside my wet pussy, as we can all relate to that first time, right? As I laid their on the bed with my legs spread wide for his cock, I thought about what he must be thinking as he took his cock and pushed it inside me. HIS FIRST TIME! WOW! After only a few minutes of him fucking me like an experienced STUD, he took full charge of our sexual adventure and proceeded fucking me in every possible position. Needless to say, he commented several times on how he learned the positions by watching "porn Videos". I told him several times that he didn't have to try every position his very first time. I even told him that I would love to be fucked by him on a routine basis.

Jerry only had one request during our sexual adventure, and that was to cum all over my ass. He commented several times on how he loved my sexy ass; he loved grabbing it as he stuffed his large cock deep inside me, and he loved to look at my ass when he took me from behind. I guess you can say Jerry is a real "ASS MAN"! Not wanting to disappoint him on his first time, as soon as he was about to cum, I turned over as fast as I could and allowed him to shoot his hot cum all over my ass. Now that Jerry is no longer a virgin, I think I may need to teach this young man how to really pleasure a woman, starting with that sweet young tongue of his eating out my now wet pussy. I need to stop writing this video intro so that I can call him up and see if he wants to use me again to pleasure his cock. Any other virgins out there?


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ciceto69 1 year ago

nice video maybe next video try whit to brothers like nightime vissit one stsrt aand other one sleeping and he wake up and join them

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