Getting wet in the shower

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Description: Talk about an orgasmic shower experience I had the other day! I was taking an extra shower about an hour and a half prior to going out with a guy on a date. You see, Jimmy had made arrangements in picking out the perfect guy for me; one whom would take me out and just use me, and then bring me back home as a well used Slut! I hadn't even seen a picture of him, so I didn't know what I was in for. Jimmy was in charge of everything, including the selection of my outfit for the date. So while I was taking my shower and feeling horny and anxious about being used later on my date, Jimmy nonchalantly walked into the bathroom with the video camera. And by the way, I'm ready to smack him for putting this video up on here, as he promised me it was just for his own viewing pleasure.

So anyway, while he was standing there with the video camera, I decided to tease him by lathering up my body and pussy with soap. I got really excited when Jimmy presented a new glass dildo he had just bought for me while he was out shopping earlier. Yes, I know, Jimmy actually shopped, as you know it's always me shopping, but not this time. I took my new glass dildo and decided to give it a whirl inside my already wet pussy. I sat down on the seat in my shower and fucked my pussy at different speeds with my dildo while managing to play with my clit. Mmmmmm… it felt so incredible! My build-up was so great while Jimmy made such an effort to film me without getting sprayed by the stream of water bouncing off me as the slider door was opened. Jimmy's talk about my date sent me over the edge and I came really good. After giving Jimmy a few angles of my freshly fucked pussy using my new dildo, I couldn't wait to get ready for my date.

I wore a sexy black miniskirt with my braless black sheer lace top along with my black heels. I put my hair up and wore a necklace that dangled side to side to my nipples as I walked. To sum up how my date went, let's just say that my pussy got a pretty hard pounding in the hotel room we fucked in. The guy had an instant hard on the moment he laid eyes on me. For the record, it didn't help him that I let him feel me up in front of Jimmy, so I know both men were horny as dogs! And just when I thought my pussy was done being pounded for the night, Jimmy had his turn with me. I had to thank Jimmy properly for him going through the trouble of setting up such a naughty date for me. I just love being a naughty slut wife with such a great Cuckold for a husband!!

Barbi Sinclair

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