Cuck hubby gets to cum first

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Description: I can be so mean to my husband when he wants my pussy. You see, Jimmy and I had stayed in a hotel room the day that I had made arrangements to have Jason use my married pussy. Since my last encounter with him and my sexy girlfriend Liz (you can see that video already posted on the site), I've been thinking about his hard cock that goes along with his hard body. I really wanted him to be the first one to fuck my pussy for the day so that it would be super tight, just the way I know he likes it. Jimmy always gets turned on by me, especially when I wear sexy clothing. In this case I wore a short pink plaid skirt along with my black fuck-me boots. I had even put on my sexy school-girl glasses, which drove him insane. As I waited in the room with Jimmy, he begged to fuck my pussy, but I totally denied him his husband-ly right to use it. I finally managed to settle in giving him a hand-job, as my mouth was also off-limits, as I didn't want to ruin my lipstick nor kiss Jason with cum-breath. Anyway, Jimmy captured on film me giving him a hand-job as all I did was talk about Jason's cock. I'm sure he was a little pissed off, but at the same time turned-on as I save my pussy for other cock rather than my husband's. Part 2 of this sex filled day will be continued next week.

Jimmy Sinclair

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