Coffeehouse has hot erotic flavor

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Description: What a great way to start off my week as I got to be naughty today with Deshaun Hayes. We'd been playing phone tag for a while now, but like any horny woman in need of some really nice BBC, I never gave up (I guess you could say the same thing for him, except it was his need for some horny slutwife's wet pussy)! Later in the afternoon, I met up with him at the coffee shop wearing a very short pink plaid schoolgirl skirt along with my pink sweater and white winter boots (it was cold out, but I know what turns you guys on, so under the short skirt I wore NO PANTIES and under the tight sweater I wore NO BRA!).

Like I just mentioned, it was a little chilly out, but the guys didn't mind seeing my goosebumbps on my legs, as all the men cared about was the fact that I wasn't wearing any panties underneath! he-he! Yes, I did flash Deshaun, Jimmy and other guys while sitting at a table just outside of the coffee house. I should also state that Jimmy lifted up my very short dress to a bunch of construction workers sitting inside the coffee house (I take it they were construction workers as they had blue prints and other construction type stuff with them) while we were getting our drink orders (that bad boy really knows how to tease me, and expose me to voyeuristic men! Did I mention I love him to death!).

Once we had our drinks we found a small table outside to sit at, as all the seats inside were taken. I had fun at first teasing the guys as I flashed not only my bare pussy, but also my tits. After only a few minutes, I started to really get cold (it was only 50 degrees outside and I was barely dressed). Although I had a hot chocolate, and loved all the attention I got from all the guys sitting inside the coffee house (which was warming some parts of my body up), I was too cold to stick around for any length of time. Besides, I had other things on my mind once we all started to turn the casual conversation to a naughty and erotic one. Upon leaving the coffee house, I had convinced Deshaun into driving in one car back to our place, as to not waste any time getting to know each other better. I honestly couldn't wait until we got home, so I started my fun with his cock in the car.

Poor Jimmy drove us home while Deshaun and I had fun in the backseat. And as if just driving us home wasn't torturous enough (I know what effect me being naughty in the backseat with some guy can have on him) I was very surprised when I turned towards Jimmy and saw him holding the video camera as well. What a great multitasker my husband is ;) I think you all will enjoy this video, as it gives you a more behind the scenes look of the entire picture of how my spontaneous nature ends up in me being video tapped by my husband (keep in mind, I had only gone to the coffee house to talk to Deshaun about our websites, and yes, I did hope for this exact outcome, but I had no pre-calculated plans other than to tease the hell out of him and Jimmy while at the coffee house)! Enjoy


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