Unexpected room service

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Description: When you view the video you will notice it was a fun week for me! My husband Jimmy and I went to visit his family and ended up staying at the same hotel as the last time we visited. If you remember right, I had a bunch of fun the last time we stayed at this hotel and this time was no different! This time however, I had my best friend (Wendy) come along so that I would have a shopping partner. It turned out that she is very handy to have around. When you see the video you will notice it was her running the video camera. I later told Jimmy she did a better job than him, but let me get back to setting up the story for the video.

It started all by accident at first. You see, we had to use the valet for parking the car, well I forgot to get the ticket when I handed the guy the car keys. It was ok though, because later, the attendant hand delivered the ticket up to our room. Lucky for me, the attendant arrived just as Jimmy had left the room to get some items at the hotel store (some beer for himself and some wine coolers for me and Wendy). Just before Jimmy left I had told him to remember to take the room key with him. It wasn't too long after he left, when I heard a knock at the door. I was in the bathroom getting ready to go out on the town and I was practically naked except for some lingerie I had just put on. Thinking it was just Jimmy, I opened the door to find the valet guy standing there. I was a little shocked, but I think he was more so!! I explained to him that I thought he was my husband, but he just stared at me with his mouth opened, so I invited him in. Wendy was playing with the video camera so she caught all the fun on video. It was a fun week and I have more video to show you all, so stay tuned for more next week!
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