Hotel window wide open

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Description: After many of you requesting the video of the picture set taken a while ago called Hotel Window Wide Open (which was done before we had a video camera) Jimmy had decided to recreate the scene as best he could, and without my knowledge of doing so! It started by first getting a Hotel Room for last week's episode, in which, I made myself available for a Bachelor to use me as his last SLUT before getting married. After having a great time with him, I met up with Jimmy after the Bachelor's Party for more fun with a few more guys from the party. (Sorry, but I didn't get any video or pics from that adventure, although I wish I had!!)

Anyways, getting back to this video, Jimmy had so much fun with all the day's festivities, that he just wanted more!!! Asking me if I wanted to continue being naughty, Jimmy blindfolded me and tricked me into being naked with the Hotel Windows Wide Open. You can see just how he did that by watching the video. In the video you can actually see guys walking right past our room, many stopped on the other side of the balcony to get a better view of Jimmy fucking me. Jimmy even hand gestured many of them to join us, but unfortunately none did! The video doesn't have many close-ups of the action, but it is still very erotic to see me being displayed as a Naughty Slut in front of anyone who just happened to be in the right place at the right time...ENJOY THE SHOW!!!
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