Photoshoot interrupted for sex

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Description: This video was taken this past week while we were in California due to a family emergency. We don't get to spend a lot of time at our home in Cali. due to having more family on the East coast than on the West. We also usually rent this house out, as we only bought it for an investment. But anyway, this video was taken when Jimmy was supposed to be taking photos of me on our bed. We haven't taken many photo sets from this location, so I thought I would take advantage of the different background and do a photo set for you guys.

I dressed up in a new lingerie outfit that I thought would look sexy, which I guess was, because after Jimmy only took a few pics, he was attacking me. He started by going down on me, which is always OK with me, as you know I would never object to having my pussy eaten. After Jimmy made me orgasm by using that incredible tongue of his, I decided I would return the favor by using my tongue on his hard cock to make him cum. When I was about to make him cum, he stopped me and told me he wanted to use my pussy! Again, I would never object to getting my pussy filled with cock, but I decided to tease him just a little longer with my tongue until he just couldn't take it any longer. Then he flipped me onto the bed and shoved that hard cock of his all the way into my dripping wet pussy. I don't know what got into him, but he was in rare form as he fucked me in many positions, including making me do all the work as I was in a doggy position. If your into naughty slut talk, be ready to listen to me towards the middle and end of the video, I think you will enjoy as I talk very dirty to my husband as I tell him how I like to have other guys fuck me!! I had Jimmy so excited that when it was time for him to cum, he came in my pussy and all over my ass!!

Jimmy Sinclair

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