After summer flash on beach

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Description: I hope that you will love the flashing photos in this latest set! It was a bit breezy as you can see by my hair being blown everywhere, but it was still nice on the temperature side, as it was probably in the mid 80's. I just love this time of the year, as there are not a lot of tourists around. This particular beach is usually so packed with sun worshippers, that Jimmy and I can't even use our season pass to get in thru the gate, due to the overcrowding. I love to walk the beach, and although most of the time Jimmy won't take any photos of me flashing (due to the wind and sand, he doesn't like to chance the sand ruining the camera), I love to flash the surfers while they are out on their boards waiting to ride the perfect wave. If only they knew they could ride me, and I'm sure it would be the perfect wave of ecstasy. <p> I was caught flashing the camera a few times, and one time, I even had this older woman ask me if she too could take some photos of me flashing; she said her husband whom was at home would love the photos, and then she made a funny comment on how the photos may just be the tool to get his lazy ass off the couch to join her on her daily walks on the beach (you can see her standing in the background in some of the photos, before she approached us). The West Coast of the United States is so much easier to flash than the East Coast, and now that Jimmy and I live here, you will definitely be seeing a lot more flashing come Summer!
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