Domination trick, submission treat

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Description: Happy Halloween everyone! This video is one that I thought would be great for all those that have asked me to do a bondage scene. With the whole Halloween Trick-or-Treat theme, I decided to dress as a naughty schoolgirl and go trick-or-treating at Eric's house. Eric is one of those true porn stars that does mostly Domination type stuff. You might remember him from a video we did together not too long ago, or you might have seen him on the big screen starring in one of his many adult movies. Unlike the last video we did together that was spontaneous, this video was planned almost two weeks ago. I don't normally do videos like this, planned out or even bondage for that matter, but with the Halloween Holiday, I thought it would be fun to try.<p> I won't make this intro too long but I would like to say I had a great time being dominated as I was shackled to the bench he had. I actually had an orgasm that was probably one of the strongest ones I've ever experienced. Eric tells me that when one has to submit to another's sexual domination, the sexual awareness of that individual becomes abnormally heightened with sexual feeling. All I know is, I wasn't into that whole domination scene before doing this video, but now, I can't wait to do it again. I even told Jimmy he would have to build a bench like Eric's so that he too could dominate me sexually as I lay there in total submission. Happy Halloween and be sure to answer the door when the trick-or-treaters come knocking, as you never know if I will be the treat on the other side of the door. You can decide whether to give me a trick or a treat!

Eric X

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Eyes: Blue
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