Clean wet and satisfied

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Description: Who ever said a bath had to be boring, never thought of bringing in the tub a waterproof vibrator! You see, when I was going through my vibrators the other day (yes, I have quite the collection) I noticed that this particular vibrator boosted on its package that it was indeed waterproof. I had never really thought about bringing a vibrator into the bath with me, as I usually only bring my rubber or glass dildos, but as I was feeling a bit naughtier than usual, I decided to give it a try. I must admit that the experience of reaching an orgasm with vibration while submerged in the water was an enjoyable and orgasmic one.<p>One more thing I will pass on to you, is the fact that as most of you know me by now, I enjoy to be watched as I am a naughty girl, which led me to let Jimmy in on what I had planned for my bath. Jimmy added one more erotic pulsating feeling by bringing in his camera and taking photos of me being naughty (I knew he was taking them for me to post onto the site for all of you, which heightened my erotic state of pleasure, giving the release of one of my most powerful orgasms to date). I have to tell you all that I enjoyed not one orgasm, not two orgasms, but four breath taking orgasms. In some of the photos you an see my orgasmic expression, not to mention the addition of anal arousal by means of my fingers, which always adds to the intensity of my orgasms! The only question on my mind now is: is there a yellow rubber ducky with a vibrator in it, or should I patent one?
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