Followup appointment with Doc

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Description: As you will soon see, if you haven't already, I managed to hook up again with the 'doc' that I met at a Halloween party several weeks ago. After that Halloween party the Doc and I had been sending emails back and forth. It seemed that although he had already fucked me once, he thought he had been jipped as to being able to fuck a Blonde (if you remember I wore a wig the first time we hooked up), which for him is the all time fantasy. I would often in my emails flirt with him and tell him: anywhere, anytime! Which now leads me to explain how the two of us finally got what we each wanted, his fantasy of doing me as a blonde, and mine for having him talk real dirty to me (something I really love is to hear my lover make me beg for it, and he can do that better than anyone I have ever been with yet). <p>It all started when I found out from my husband Jimmy that he had to give a presentation out of state, and that he thought I may want to accompany him on this business trip. I asked him where he was headed, and he told me it was in the area where we had recently attended a huge Halloween party. I knew from his reply that we would be in the same area as the Doc resides, and I immediately started to get wet with anticipation. I called the Doc right after I had Jimmy give me one hell of an orgasm, and told him the good news of finally being able to be his naughty blonde slut. The day we drove out to the hotel for Jimmy's presentation (it was a five hour drive), I was like a horny schoolgirl, and couldn't stop from touching myself to relieve the sexual tension (luckily for me I wore a very short mini-dress with no panties). Jimmy told me I should just wait till later, but I couldn't resist the temptation of a satisfying orgasm. Once in the hotel, I called the Doc immediately to tell him we had indeed arrived at the hotel. I gave him the room number, and well, within half an hour I was meeting him at the door. Now that I have set the beginning up, you can now see what transpired from all the built up sexual desire. Enjoy!

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