Mid day orgasm with hitachi wand

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Description: As anyone can probably relate to, I do get very horny during the mid day. It can be caused by the littlest of things, and can happen at the mall, at the gym, or just about anyplace I see some hot-blooded sexy male walk into my view. I don't often get the chance to do anything about it right then and there, but in this case it happened when the Fed-Ex delivery guy came to my door to deliver a package to my husband for work. The delivery guy was in a tight shirt that showed off his very muscular body, and top that with the fact that he had on one of the best fragranced colognes I have ever smelt; and when I say one of the best fragranced colognes, I mean, this stuff made me not only weak in the knees, but horny as all hell. Yes I made small talk for as long as I could, before coming right out and asking him if he could tell me the name of the erogenous fragrance he was wearing. He smiled and then gave me the name of the cologne, as he asked if I liked it... liked it? Hell I was about to jump on his cock right there in the doorway... liked it? Could he not see I was basically assuming the position for him to mount me anyway he wanted! I smiled with a yes, and asked him if he had all married women to whom he delivered packages melt at his feet with sexual desire. He smiled and then asked if I wouldn't mind getting together someday after he got off from work for some fun, as it seemed to him I would be a real fun girl to hang out with. He then also smiled and added that it was only if my husband wouldn't mind. I told him he loves it when his naughty slut wife is indeed naughty. With a smile he gave me his telephone number, and I reciprocated with giving him mine. After he left, needless to say, my husband who was around the corner and heard everything, smiled and said I can't believe you, that poor guy didn't know what to do with you coming onto him like that.<p>I laughed and replied with a simple, \"Oh yeah, he knew what to do, but he was working for a company that has too many time restraints on allowing anything like what the two of us had planned in our minds. But don't you worry, the next time he does walk through that door, he will know exactly what to do with this little slut!\" Then I told Jimmy to get his camera and meet me downstairs in the spare bedroom, the place where next time I meet the delivery guy, I will have his cock so far in me, I will feel it nestled and pulsing deep inside my wanting pussy, making me beg for more on top of more until I just can't take it anymore... if that's possible ;) Anyway, with how horny I was, the only thing that was going to come close to satisfying the hunger for that delivery guy's cock, was my Hitachi Wand. I had multiple orgasms before finally allowing Jimmy to use me to satisfy his own sexual hunger, of which even with Jimmy's cock buried in me, all I could imagine was the Fed-Ex guy pounding me each and every thrust Jimmy gave in our heated moment! Sorry Hunny!
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