Dressed to hostess

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Description: When Jimmy told me that he had a few guys coming over the house to watch a playoff game (yes, Jimmy is like most of you guys out there and can't seem to stay away from the TV when the baseball playoffs are on) I immediately had thoughts of being a naughty slut wife. The first thing I thought about was how nice it would be if Jimmy invited his hot looking friends over from the gym to watch the game. The second thing I thought about was how nice it would be to play hostess to these hot guys and do some flirting while at it ;) The third thing I thought about was how nice it would be to be gangbanged by the guys as they watched the game (unfortunately, baseball isn't like football with a halftime so if I was going to be naughty it would have to be either while the game was in progress, or after the long 9 innings, which we all know I am not the patient type when it comes to me getting my cock!). When the time came to start getting ready, I found this hot and very sexy hostess looking lingerie hanging in my closet, perfect for my plan of seducing the guys away from the TV. After applying some make-up and putting on the lingerie, I walked downstairs to where Jimmy was, and after watching his eyes poke out of his head, I asked him if he liked... which I knew he did by his reactions... but when he laughed and told me he had already warned the guys of my seductive ways... he asked if he could get some glamour shots of me wearing the outfit before I was savagely undressed out of it. As you can see Jimmy did take those shots of me, and soon you will be able to view the video of the Baseball Playoffs Gangbang... Enjoy!
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