Interview attire with no panties

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Description: Getting an interview with a big company is an accomplishment all in itself, but picking out the right interview attire is another accomplishment. You see, you can't show too much, just in case the interviewer is a woman or some uptight conservative, and on the other side, you need to just show enough to get the attention of any true red-blooded male. I won't go into detail on the actual job I had an interview with (those who have been a member of my site for some time, will remember that I had recently been laid off from a fitness job I had for many years due to the recession) but I will tell you that looking good for the interview should pay off with getting the job... hopefully ☺ As you can see I tried to show just enough cleavage to get noticed, and stocking clad legs couldn't of hurt any either. <p>Lucky for me the interviewer was indeed a red-blooded male, who was hot and sexy, which made me feel more uncomfortable than the interview questions. These pics were taken when Jimmy & I had returned to our hotel room after the interview (I had to travel for the interview, so that is the reason the background is a hotel room). Update: I got a phone call today from the guy who interviewed me, and unfortunately he had called with regrets, as I didn't get the job I interviewed for. As I am a woman who always looks at the positive instead of the bad, I did get the interviewer's name and telephone number, not to mention I have plans to travel to meet him for dinner and????????????? I will keep you informed as I always do.
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