How many black guys?

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Description: This past weekend Jimmy and I traveled to New York to meet up with a friend of ours who I had really looked forward to have fun with for the first time. His name is Big Max. We'd met up before as friends but we hadn't crossed that line. Finally, I told Jimmy how bad I wanted Big Max's BBC, so Jimmy had arranged for us to travel to him. Little did I know that Jimmy and Big Max had additional plans in mind to give me the weekend I'd look back and ask, \"How many black guys?\" In the end, I had been engaged in a five-man gang-bang, four of the men who I was fucked by were black, making Jimmy the only white guy. All of the men used me as their white slut making me service them with handjobs, blowjobs and of course my pussy (all of which I thoroughly enjoyed!). I of course was rewarded in the end with the orgasm of a lifetime and all of their hot cum.<p> Watch the video and see me swallow the most cum I think five guys could ever give a slut. I truly have to say, I'd never ever seen as much cum as this night. In fact, Jimmy wouldn't even fuck me in the end, which you know he likes to do, until I had showered and cleaned off all the cum that drenched my body, the bed, and the pillows. It had all started with Big Max teasing me, and talk about how much I had been teased, you can see in the video how Big Max teased me all night long, bringing me close to climax every time, but never allowing me to orgasm! Big Max slowly brought in three guys one by one before they all ended up on the bed with me. This night also turned out to be an unforgettable one with me taking the biggest cock ever in my life by Big Max (now I know why they call him Big Max). The way he stretched out my pussy was like no man had ever done before, so for Jimmy to fuck me at the end was an ultimate fantasy of his! And of all the cum I swallowed, and the cum that missed my mouth, I could have easily filled up an 8oz. glass.
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