A little naught workmanship

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Description: When my friend Karen told me she was having hardwood floors installed into her new house, I thought she was crazy, as she had just purchased the house, and the carpet was brand new. I think it was hot when we started talking about the possibility of hot young construction workers being in her house to install the hardwood floors, which made for some hot erotic conversation to say the least. Anyway, when the big day came for her to have them installed, I received an early morning phone call from her, which woke me up out of one of the deepest sleeps. She was sorry for waking me up, but told me she just had to let me know that one of the laborers, there was a total of four of them, was one of the hottest guys she had ever laid eyes on. Sarcastically I thanked her for waking me up to let me know that, and told her I would call her when I was out of bed. I proceeded to put my head back down on my comfy pillow to head back to sleep, when all of a sudden I started to think, that if Karen called me to let me know this construction worker was hot, he must be hot, because Karen is not the kind of person to just call me to give me information like that. <p>My over stimulated imagination started to take over as I began to wonder just how hot this young guy was, which led to me moving my fingers down to my clit. I played with myself until I reached an incredible orgasm, and then like a crazed woman who had just found out there was a huge sale at her favorite shoe store, I jumped out of bed into the shower and out the door... oh-yeah, I forgot to mention I put on one of my favorite short mini-skirts to tease this poor boy I hadn't even laid eyes on yet. When I reached Karen's house, the flooring guys greeted me first, as they were outside taking a break. Once inside, I found Karen, who was sitting in the kitchen, which was the only room that didn't look like a bomb had gone off in (the floor guys had removed the carpets, so the only thing I saw was the concrete floor). She smiled and told me she didn't expect me till afternoon. I smiled back, gave her a hug, and told her that I had already played with myself with her morning news, then told her I couldn't believe how hot the guy really was. We both laughed, and as soon as I turned around to look at the floors, I noticed the men had returned to work in the living room, giving both Karen and I an awesome view of the hot guy! I made sure I sat in a chair in the kitchen so that my bare pussy could be seen by him if he looked over at me... which he did several times. I must have flashed the hot guy at least a hundred times that day. I know that when they stopped for lunch, Karen and I made sure to invite them into the kitchen to eat, which they accepted, giving me the perfect opportunity to offer the hot guy my seat. When he noticed I hadn't had a place to sit, giving up the only chair available, he offered me to sit on his lap (total gentleman), which I took advantage of immediately. When I sat on his lap, I noticed he had a nice size bulge in his pants (that and I also felt it as I sat on his lap). At first I tried not to make it obvious I wanted to have him for dessert, but after a little conversation I started to move around on his lap, almost to the point f rubbing his cock with my lap through his pants. <p>When the others got up to go outside to have a cigarette, he offered to stay inside and keep me company. Once the others were out of the room, I started to fondle his cock with my hand, as I looked him in the eyes, and proceeded to let him know I would do anything to satisfy his raging hard cock. He asked me if I was married, as he had noticed I had on a wedding ring, and I proceeded to let me know that I was, but that my husband allowed me to enjoy sexual adventures outside the marriage. He smiled and asked if he could invite me into the bathroom real quick for some release to his sexual desire for me. Talk about hot. I accepted his offer and added it would be my pleasure to help him release some sexual desire now, but only if he helped me release my sexual desire for him after he got off from work. I had so much fun in the bathroom that I couldn't wait till after when I would get his hard cock inside me. Oh-yeah... the pics... these were taken after the guys left for the first day, but before the hot guy returned to make good on his earlier offer.
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