Assisted play in dugout

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Description: Everyone loves a baseball game, but when there isn't a game being played, I just can't seem to stay out of the dugouts! Maybe it's the smell of baseball players that attracts me to the dugouts or maybe it's just the sheer fact of knowing the dugout is a place were men congregate to play a manly game of baseball. What ever the reason, I find the baseball dugout a place of erotic nature where I always get aroused into a state of sexual ecstasy. This time was no different, and thankfully I had my own team player to help assist in my naughtiness! Dante definitely helped in bringing out my wild side, as he lifted my skirt up to show off my ass and pussy.<p>What the pics don't show is all the foot traffic we had while trying to take these pics. There were men all around and soon Jimmy will post the video that accompanies this photo set (yes, believe it or not, Jimmy actually got video at the same time as trying to take photos of me. Well not at the same time, but he did capture a good amount of video of me flashing a few men as I walked around the park). I will add one thing if you haven't noticed by now and that is... my hair is darker in the photos, but don't worry, I had the hair dresser redo it back to its original blonde color (I thought I would like the dark highlights, but I hated it, so I went back the next day to have her redo it).
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