Making fire with a fireman

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Description: Firemen in uniform always make me hot, or should I say combustible with sexual urges? When it comes to seeing firemen in uniform all I can think about is how muscular and in shape they must be to be able to run into fires as most people are trying to run out of them. This video shows you just what happens when an off-duty fireman asks to put out my fire within. Ok, before I have to run into my bedroom and open my night stand for my favorite vibrator (yes! the pink little rabbit one) I should tell you about this adventure with a fireman (who happens not to be in uniform... it would have been hotter if he was, let me tell you, that would have sent me over the edge with heat exhaustion... hehe)! <p>I often get emails from members asking if I actually do member meets. This particular email I mention was a little different in the fact that he had his entire Fire Dept. email me asking me to do a video with him. They told me it would be a great morale builder for the entire crew (they also asked for a poster of me signed to all of them so that they could hang it in the firehouse). Anyway, when I received an email like that, I just had to respond with a YES to all their demands of me. When the day came to meet up, we decided to meet at a park that divided the drive equal for the two of us... ok the three of us if you count my husband Jimmy. The day was one of the hottest we have had at 114 degrees in the sun, but the fireman was cool as ever, maybe it was his endurance to the heat, but I was burning up. Not only was I hot due to the heat index outside, but also from the thought that soon I was going to be a naughty slut wife with this handsome stud of a fireman! <p>We talked for a while as we walked around the park, but as soon as we found a park bench to sit at things started to heat up... at least for me that is. I can say that as the talk turned to sex, his dirty talk of having to use his hose to put my fire out was almost enough for him to have to carry me in what they call a fireman's carry back to the car for some immediate personal attention. Having said that, or at least thinking it, we moved to the car where things really heated up to a boil fast. Thank heavens for having a fireman with me, cause he knew exactly what my medical condition was, and boy did he have the right equipment to get the job done! In my condition (having already had an orgasm during his hose treatment on me) he knew that I would need something to quench my burning thirst, and as his hose released enough liquid for me to drink, he handed me the container for which all of his milky liquid was contained in so that I may be able to drink something nutrient based and fluid enough to save me from heat exhaustion. Boy what would I have done without this fireman to rescue me from my condition!
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