Moonlight sonata turns into slatata!

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Description: I tend to play my piano in spurts, and the one time I was messing around on my piano in lingerie was when Jimmy caught me by surprise with the video camera. You see, I thought Jimmy was in the garage working on some stuff, and I really felt horny, but I didn't want to bother him, so I figured I would get in some lingerie and have fun on cam. Before getting on cam, I was thirsty so on my way to the kitchen, I became sidetracked by my piano, sat down, and started playing some piano literature. Little did I know Jimmy was around the corner with the video camera listening to me. As he approached me, I noticed him from the corner of my eye and became distracted while playing. Jimmy was very much turned on by the fact that I was playing in sexy lingerie with thigh highs. That didn't stop there when he challenged me to play Moonlight Sonata while fucking his cock, something I've never done before. I wouldn't be surprised if I made Beethoven turn in his grave on this one. Anyway, this venture was fuckaliscious, but challenging in many ways as you can imagine and see. In the end, it was still climactic for the both of us without the music. But please, don't try this at home, and I'm sure you'll never hear Moonlight Sonata the same way without thinking of me.
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