Barbi's dark side loves BBC too

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Description: With Halloween right around the corner, I decided to dress up and show a more dark side of me. With the addition of some tattoos, a dark haired wig with black and reddish purple hair, dark nail polish, and a very naughty looking lingerie outfit, I think I accomplished the look I was going for. You see, Jimmy and I recently went to a naughty Halloween party, where the grand prize was being awarded to the woman with the sexiest costume. As anyone who knows me can vouch, I was seeking to win that prize, and along with it, I was seeking to find some hot guy to sink my teeth into for some naughty fun... not that I bit or anything... hehe! <p>But anyway, getting back to telling you all about this video. Before the party, when I was getting ready, you should have seen my husband Jimmy's face when I exited the bathroom wearing this outfit with all the trimmings. His mouth just about to hit the floor, not to mention he wanted to have a little fun before we even left the house. I made sure to tease him even more when I knew he liked the outfit, but I made sure not to give into his wanting to use my pussy. Jimmy was so horny, that I knew I stood a good chance of winning, especially if it had this effect on him. What you see in the photo set entitled: Barbi's Dark Side (10/29/09), which accompanies this video, is exactly what I wore, no jacket or wrap to hide any of the costume. You should have seen the look on all the guys’ faces when I walked up to the entrance door. This club is one of those ones that is attached to a huge hotel, but with only last minute knowledge of the party, Jimmy was unable to get us a room that would have been very handy, as I saw at least a handful of guys I would have loved to of had some sort of fun with up in a hotel room.<p> After dancing to many songs, I felt a set of hands start to grab my ass. When I turned around to see if it was Jimmy, who had been watching me dirty dance with so many men, I was pleasantly surprised to find this really tall and athletic looking black guy dressed in a doctors outfit. When I asked him if he liked my ass, he told me he was a doctor and he was checking the merchandise to see if it was indeed as good as it looked. I told him the only way to know that for sure was to see it naked and if he was up to it, he could do a pelvic exam too. Pretending to just be kidding, but with some naughty playful hopefulness, he looked right into my eyes, and told me he had a room if I was indeed looking for a pelvic exam... he also made mention of having a tool with him that would make it easier to perform that test. Again acting like I was kidding, but not, I asked him if he thought it might be big enough, as I like really big tools! He then grabbed my hand and led me off the dance floor towards where Jimmy was present.<p> I told \"The Doctor\" that I might have to invite my husband to come along to watch. \"No problem\" he replied, and off we went to his room. I told him I had to get back soon as I really wanted to win the costume contest. Again, he replied, \"No Problem!\" When we were up in his room, I made him be submissive to me, which you all know I am not at all that type, so this again was pretty fun. I told him I would make him cum in my mouth with a blowjob so that we could get back to the party, but if he begged enough, I would return after the party to have that pelvic exam with his tool. As you can see from the photo set mentioned earlier, I orally satisfied him, with his cum shooting deep into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, but some still oozed out and onto my outfit. When we returned, he continued to beg me for more naughty fun, until the contest approached. <p>I went up on stage and paraded all around for the judges and audience to see. When the MC of the party called me over to him, I crawled on my knees to show him what a naughty girl I was, when he asked me to stand up, I did, and as I did he looked at my neck and announced to everyone there that I looked like I was indeed as naughty as I looked. He was referencing the dried up cum I had glistening around my neck and cleavage. I guess I forgot to clean up that area when I was returning to the party from giving \"The Doctor\" head upstairs in his room. Oh well, I may have been a little bit embarrassed by his comment, but when he announced that I was the \"2009 Sexiest Halloween Costume Contest Winner\" I was more than happy to take the trophy home. Before leaving the club to head home, I did give \"The Doctor\" a night he won't forget for sometime, which you will soon see in the video if you have not viewed it all ready. I will say that when we returned up to his room again, the roles were reversed and he made me the submissive one... begging for his hard cock and finally his hot cum... Jimmy also got to partake in this naughty adventure... getting sloppy seconds and a stretched out pussy... which you all know he likes very much!! :)
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