A Bachelor's Last Fling

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Description: This Week's video is especially HOT knowing I just got fucked by a guy that is about to be married. As a matter of fact, by the time you guys are reading this, he probably has tied the knot. I must tell you all how the whole thing started. You see, Jimmy has this friend that knew of a guy that was getting married. Jimmy's friend had emailed him asking if he knew of any entertainment that could be available for the bachelor party. I would say they must figure that since Jimmy is in this kind of work, that he must have some connections or something with strippers (not).<p> Well, Jimmy was reading the email just as I walked into the office. I usually don't read Jimmy's emails, but he was laughing about the whole matter, so I looked over his shoulder to see what could be so funny. I was in one of my moods, the good kind, the kind that gets me into trouble if I'm not careful, in which this was just one of those times. I saw in the email that they wanted to be able to get this friend (the bachelor) as good a time as possible before doing the dreaded deed (For the record, I don't consider marriage a dreaded deed, but whatever). So being in my mood, I tell Jimmy to just book a room the same night as the bachelor party and I will let this bachelor use me for the fucking of his lifetime! I said it half jokingly, but I must admit that it started to make me wet with anticipation.<p> The night of the bachelor party, I let this bachelor fuck me in whatever positions he wanted to for his last fling before walking down the isle to matrimonial bliss. By my juices running down his cock, you can see how excited I was to be his slut for the sake of giving him one last notch in the bedpost, as most of you men put it! I have to add that I did go to the after party, and as I was still in my sexual mood, brought home four guys including Jimmy to have one hell of a gangbang. Any other guys out there getting married?
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