House hunting with boytoy Jason

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Description: Boy I forgot how much house hunting can be so much fun! Ok, well maybe not this much fun, hehe! You see, when my favorite Boy-Toy Jason called and asked Jimmy and I if we could come over to see a house he was thinking of purchasing, I told him we could meet up with him with-in the hour. What Jason really wanted was for my hubby Jimmy to take some video of the house as well as some photos, for Jason to be able to forward them to some family members whom reside out of state for their input of his big purchase. I thought it was a great idea; the more input you can get from family members about a large purchase like a home makes sense. The only problem with being able to show any of his family this video, is that something unexpected happen... we started flirting with each other as Jimmy took photos of the place, and it really started to heat up when Jimmy actually got out his video camera. What you are about to see, is what happens when a realtor leaves two horny and very sexually charged people alone in an empty house. All I can say, if Jason does buy this particular home, I was the first slut to christen it with him! If he doesn't buy it, I wonder if the next tenants to occupy it will know that some wild naughty slut got fucked very well in each of the rooms. I can't wait to go house hunting again really soon! I just had the thoughts of possibly taking the realtors license course. I bet I could sell a bunch of homes to some hot investor guy... and I love the thought of fucking in the homes to seal the deal!
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