Teasing the guys

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Description: I know that some of you may be disappointed with the lack of any real nudity in this latest photo set. So I guess I should explain why and how these photos were even taken. You see, in a video that I will post very soon, my friend Jake (some of you may know him by the name Doc, as that is what I called him after first meeting him at a Halloween Party where he was dressed as a doctor) was in town and staying with Jimmy and I. As a treat for Jake I had arranged for Mandy to come over to assist with satisfying Jake's uncontrollable sexual appetite. I planned out one hell of a fantasy come true event for Jake and with that said, let me explain it more in detail; oh yeah, I almost got ahead of myself; this is the photo set prior to Jake getting to our home.<p> So, let me back up a bit and just explain this photo set: As Mandy, our husbands and I waited for Jake to arrive, Mandy and I had gone ahead and dressed up in sexy lingerie. We had time to kill so we decided to give our husbands, whom were drooling at the mouth with two stocking clad half naked women standing in front of them and anticipation of a sexually charged night, a little tease to make them even more aroused than they were already. I know that when Mandy and I started to touch each other the guys got really quite, which means they must have had their brains turned off as the blood flow was going to other parts of the body, if you know what I mean. he-he! Anyway, I hope that you can understand that this photo set, mild as it is, is truly a tease not just to our husbands but you as well. Keep in mind that the hardcore video that accompanies this photo set is on its way very soon, so please keep it hard and ready ;)
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