Barbi loses a tennis bet

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Description: I hadn't played tennis in quite some time and decided to take Jeremiah up on a wager he proposed to me before we got together to play some tennis. The wager was that if I lost, he would get a chance to fuck me. I was confident that I wouldn't lose since I play racquetball quite frequently. So once we got onto the court and we got into the game, I realized that playing tennis is not like playing racquetball, and therefore I came to lose many points while playing. I came to the conclusion that I needed to spice up the game to gain my points back. So, the slut that I am, I flashed Jeremiah my tits and my pussy to break down his concentration on the game. It worked temporarily until Jeremiah's focus shifted to winning the game so that he would be able to fuck me. As a result, victory was in his court and I had lost the game!<p> Accordingly, as we left the tennis court, I thought we'd go back to my place where he would have his way with me, but instead, he wanted to fuck me on a baseball field past the tennis courts. I guess he was more of a wild boy than I had anticipated. Needless to say, he had his way with me out on the field and just before he came in me, a baseball team was arriving to the field for practice right before their game. And yes, the first several baseball players leading the team caught us. Jeremiah didn't stop until he came in me. What an outdoor adventure with a slut like me on public display! I did exchange my number with a couple of the baseball players, so with a little bit of luck, I might be able to have more fun on that baseball field.
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