Construction site quickie

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Description: This one was one of those spontaneous moments Jimmy and I enjoyed while out looking at new homes. This construction site had many prospective home buyers coming and going, so it made the situation even that more erotic. I just love the chance of being caught, and during this outdoor adventure, we were caught several times by not only a couple that were interested in the same house we were having sex on the front porch of, but a few of the subcontractors working on the weekend. There are a couple of times in the video were Jimmy had to cut portions of it out, due to somebody catching us, or making comments of the such. The one thing I will say is, that once Jimmy and I got into it, we didn't stop, which was ok with the bulldozer operator, who kept more of an eye on us, than where he was working. In the end Jimmy gave me the orgasm I was looking for and a creampie that left remnants of our sex adventure on the steps of the house. I guess you could say I christened the house with the cum dripping out my pussy and onto the porch, hehe.
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