Yellow golden tan

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Description: I don't think I entitled this photo set accurately, but seeing how the main part of this photo set was not captured by my husband's camera, I thought this title would suffice. Being in Vegas where the sun is always shinning and the weather is always perfect, it is easy to get a golden tan even without the surf and beaches. I had been working on my tan all week, as you may see from the photos, for a special night Jimmy planned for me at one of the hotels on the Famous Vegas Strip. This photo set was not intentionally done to show off my tan, but to see me getting ready to open the door when the pizza delivery guy knocked. When there was a knock at the door, I opened it, and as you can see, I was fully naked from head to toe. Jimmy tried to capture the surprise look on the guy's face, but the guy freaked out, not at the fact I was naked, but at the fact Jimmy was taking photos of him in this situation. He politely asked Jimmy to stop taking photos, of which he did, then smiled at me when he asked if I had by chance the money that was due for the delivery.<p>I smiled and told him Jimmy was to pay for the pizzas, but I was to take care of the tip. I asked the guy if I could give him a blowjob as a tip, and the guy smiled at me and asked if I could give him a fast five minute one as he had other deliveries in the same hotel to attend to. I thought it was funny that he asked me for a five-minute blowjob, as I thought the guy would be in charge of when he wanted to blow his load of cum into my mouth. FYI: The time that it took for this pizza guy to deliver his cum into my mouth four minutes and 22 seconds talk about close on the timing. Next time I think I will tell the pizza delivery guys, that anything over five minutes, and the delivery is free! Isn't that only fair? Now where did I put that take-out order?
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