Wild fantasy dress

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Description: When Jimmy saw me modeling this wild animal print dress in the store, he commented that I could be his wild fantasy girl. Needless to say, Jimmy purchased it for me, which was a good thing, because I was going to get it myself if he hadn't (it's always better for him to purchase it and think he got me a present, than for me to get it and hear him say, \"just what you needed, another dress!\" You know how that is.) Anyway, this photo set took place when we returned to our hotel room after leaving the mall (this was the day after the big Christmas Party we attended in which I just posted a video of). Getting back to telling you about this dress and photo set; Jimmy took these photos of me, and then after I freshened up a bit, I wore the wild dress to dinner and out dancing at one of the near-by dance clubs. I love the fact that this dress is very flimsy and cut in a way that makes it very easy to flash when I move he right way. It is also easy for guys to feel me up on the dance floor as my hubby watches from the side. This night ended in more naughty fun, however that was off camera as Jimmy and a very hot looking younger stud had their way with me� talk about being a WILD NIGHT in a WILD DRESS!!
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